Mt. Hood Hoops Shoot – Part 2

22 10 2009

Now that you have seen the first part of the shoot with the white background, it’s time for part 2, dramatic action and the team portrait! (If you havent seen the part 1 video, click here).

Last season, 2008-09, the Portland Trail Blazers and Getty Images Photographer, Jonathan Ferrey, did a very cool portrait session for the team and I wanted something similar (for Blazers portrait examples visit the Getty web site, search for “blazers portrait” and click over to about page 8). He set two studio lights in the background and had a large softbox to light the front of the players. I took this idea and gave it my own spin. I used the same 2 lights in the background but I also wanted a good spot light on the floor to light the Mt. Hood logo and the player.

Now, once all the individual portraits were taken it was time for the team portraits. Coach Gib had the idea that he wanted the players walking through fog. I did my homework and after talking to Denis at Pacific Grip & Lighting he suggested dry ice and said it would stay low to the ground. We also opted to use a fog machine to haze the background air along with the dry ice for the ground effect. Gib & I were pumped, this would be waaaaay cool!

Here are a few action photos, a few setup photos, the awesome “fog” shot, and how Gib used them in this year’s posters! 

Also, click here for the part 2, behind the scenes video!



3 responses

23 10 2009
Bryan Heim

Too Cool! You gotta be very happy with the results! All that hard work was well worth the day! Very cool!

7 11 2009

thanks for the post w/the dry ice. how many lbs did you use?

7 11 2009

Used 40lbs…if you havent already, watch the video!

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