Class is in Session

20 09 2010

Today was the first day of my “official” teaching career. Just 3 weeks ago I was invited to teach the advanced lighting class to the 2nd year professional photography students at MHCC. I graduated from the same program back in 2002 so this means I have come full circle. Alongside Justin Myers, we plan to give the students a ton of info to get them a huge head start in their photography careers. The program will be a challenge for me and I will do my best to offer 110% to them. 

So, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post, Justin & I have challenged ourselves to create one blog post per day until classes end on December 6th. For the students, they are required just 2 posts per week. The idea behind this is to keep them thinking 100% photography at all times. We also gave them a “theme” for the photos they post to their blogs. This week’s theme: circles. I can’t wait to see the different interpretations each student comes up with! I too plan to take the “circle” theme challenge myself and I’ll be posting a few of my favs here on the blog, and on my facebook photography page

Here are a few images from my archives with the circle theme in mind:

Images for week 1: circle theme

Images for week 1: circle theme

Images for week 1: circle theme

Images for week 1: circle theme



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24 09 2010
Circles, Assignment 1 « Jeff Hinds Photography Blog

[…] photography and always be thinking photography. I posted my first few circles in the post: “Class is in Session“. Now here are 2 more images, one from today, one from a recent trip to California Adventure, […]

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