27 09 2010

This week’s blog assignment/keyword for the MHCCIM Students is: Inspiration. For me, I had to think a lot about this one and how I could relate it to a photograph. I’m inspired by quite a few things. Music always keeps me going no matter what I am doing. Other photographers images can be an inspiration….seeing how they view an image and how they choose to light it. Just the challenge itself of creating and lighting a portrait can inspire me. I think one of the very first things that inspired me to pursue photography in the first place was sports, action, and being up close at events to try an capture the moment of impact or winning goal.

Lately, I think what’s been keeping me going is in fact, lighting. Controlling light can be inspirational. Seeing how modifiers work, and using them to create an image is an undescribable feeling, especially when it’s an emotional wedding image or picture of the winning team.

I’m still thinking about what else inspires me but for now here are a few images I’ve taken that have inspired me to keep shooting.

Sunset Sailboat In Jamaica

Light Painting

Swimming Action

Jenny & TJ's first dance

Hawthorne Bridge

Subaru Rally Cars!



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