Inspired by Rally!

29 09 2010

Now some of you know that I have been following rally and rallycross for almost 2 years now. It all started with an invite to shoot the Oregon Trail events at PIR in March of 2009 when I was fortunate to get to ride around the track with Rally driver, Pat Moro:

After my pre-stage ride with Pat, I returned the next day and went out on the course to shoot the first stages of the day. Here’s a video from my first shooting location:

The weekend ended and I shot some awesome images, including this one which hangs in my office as a 20×30:

Travis Pastrana, Oregon Trail Rally, 2009


That Christmas I was surprised, by Brenda, with a certificate to attend Paul Eklund’s Primitive Performance Rally School in Hillsboro, OR in March 2010. I attended the weekend school with my friend Kevin and of course shot pix and videos when I wasn’t in the car. Needless to say I was hooked!

Here’s a video of one of my practice runs during the school:

…and a couple photos of me driving and with the car:

So, after rally school in March 2010 I attended most of the local rally events and the Oregon Trail Rally. I’ve met a ton of awesome people and there are future plans for me to rally for many years to come (stay tuned for exciting news on that).

For now, here’s something that I shared a while back with a link on facebook. This video will surely get your blood pumping, and it’s a true taste of what stage rally is all about! Enjoy my rally Inspiration!



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