Olympic Rings

26 09 2010

June 26, 2001. In the weeks following my graduation of the Mt. Hood Professional Photography program, I signed up for the Rich Clarkson Sports Photography Workshop in Colorado Springs, CO. I teamed up with a photographer friend, Jeff Miller for the trip. The Workshop “provides participants with an opportunity to listen to, study with, and network with the very individuals who are uniquely positioned to help with career development. Included in the instructional sessions will be lectures on remote camera installations, large arena lighting, and the business of freelance sports photography”. This was exactly what I needed to give a great kick start to my photography career just out of my college training!

I did return to the workshop again in 2007 with photographer Chris Ryan for another round of hands-on training and the opportunity to network with some of the best sports photographers in the nation. The highlight of trip #2 was an arena lighting session at the Olympic Training Center swimming pool with Sports Illustrated photographer, John McDonough (John’s SI gallery here).

Here’s a photo of me in the Olympic Rings at the training center (also counts as a circle photo for this weeks assignment!)


Jeff Hinds in 2001 with Olympic Rings

Firewood Circles

25 09 2010

Today was mainly a chill day and work-around-the-house day. With that, I cut some firewood for the fire pit and…viola….found some circles for the class assignment! Both images taken with my Blackberry…


Firewood Circles 1


Firewood Circles 2

Circles, Assignment 1

24 09 2010

This first week of class Justin & I have assigned the students to create a blog page. Along with that page they need 2 separate updates, both containing circles. We put no limits on the content, how many, etc…..we just want them to concentrate on photography and always be thinking photography. I posted my first few circles in the post: “Class is in Session“. Now here are 2 more images, one from today, one from a recent trip to California Adventure, both were taken with my Blackberry:


Circles on the Subaru Dash



Circles at California Adventure