Firewood Circles

25 09 2010

Today was mainly a chill day and work-around-the-house day. With that, I cut some firewood for the fire pit and…viola….found some circles for the class assignment! Both images taken with my Blackberry…

Firewood Circles 1

Firewood Circles 2

Circles, Assignment 1

24 09 2010

This first week of class Justin & I have assigned the students to create a blog page. Along with that page they need 2 separate updates, both containing circles. We put no limits on the content, how many, etc…..we just want them to concentrate on photography and always be thinking photography. I posted my first few circles in the post: “Class is in Session“. Now here are 2 more images, one from today, one from a recent trip to California Adventure, both were taken with my Blackberry:

Circles on the Subaru Dash

Circles at California Adventure

Oregon Air Photo

23 09 2010

In July 2008 I was asked to go on an aerial photography mission to assist a fellow photographer friend, Bryan Heim, to get images from the air of some car dealerships. We had the plane and pilot booked for a 2 hour flight, had maps of all the dealerships in and around the Portland area, and in between locations we took as many aerial photos as possible. The flight was a total success!

Over the next year we developed the idea to offer aerial photography to clients and Oregon Air Photo was created. Still in the early stages of the business, we are working to expand our client base and designing a marketing campaign for the future. For now, we have a WEB SITE and most of the social networking sites up and running:

Follow OAP on TWITTER, @oregonairphoto.

Become a fan on our FACEBOOK page.

Check out our YouTube channel.

Here are a few of my favorite images taken from the air and a pic of the OAP crew:

OAP Photo Crew

Twin Oaks Airfield

Mt. Scott

Mud puddle in the grass

The Reserve Golf Course, Infrared

Hillsboro Stadium, Infrared

Kelso/Longview area, Infrared

Air Museum

Helvetia area

Over Portland looking south

Sep, 14, 2010 Sunset

17 09 2010

Ok, as promised, the blog-post-a-day challenge has begun! Justin, you in? LOL. I see many of you have checked out my last post, thanks for that, stay tuned for more, suggestions are always welcome!

Now for the image of the day.

Last week I shot a golf tournament with the Trail Blazers. Fun gig, we take a couple players around and get group photos with the golfers, then I hurry back to the clubhouse and print one photo for each player as a keepsake for them to take home….such a fun gig…thanks to everyone involved for making the day go smooth!

While there may be a great photo or two from that event, the image I selected actually was taken on the drive home….just couldnt pass up this shot, enjoy!

Pumpkin Ridge Sunset, Sep 14, 2010

Introducing: Photoshelter

19 12 2009

Wanna see more of Jeff’s photo’s? I am happy to indroduce my new stock image web site at! Rights-managed images are available for purchase and direct download through the site. I will be adding many more images as my archives are sorted but for now enjoy what I have on the site!

Click the photo for my Photoshelter site:

Hawthorne Bridge: A view from ground level

Frozen Falls

12 12 2009

Every year I make it a point to keep an eye on the weather, looking for dry conditions with freezing tempertures. This past week the forcast was just that so i made my annual trip up the Gorge to photograph some of the waterfalls.

Any of these images are available as fine art prints. I offer all sizes from 8×10 up to 20×30. Contact for pricing. Here’s a few!

Wahkeena Falls 1

Wahkeena Falls 2


Wahkeena Falls 3


Horsetail Falls 1


Horsetail Falls 2


Horsetail Falls 3

Just hangin’ with Art Wolfe

8 10 2009

About a week ago I saw a post on facebook for tickets to an upcoming show held here in Portland by one of my favorite photographers, Art Wolfe. I bought 2 tickets for me & Brenda so we could have “date night” and go catch the show. A week went by and just yesterday Chris Ryan sent me an email and asked if I would assist him on a quick portrait session for Art before his show!  I helped with the portrait session then bought a book, Art signed it for me…and took these with me:

Jeff & Art Wolfe

Jeff & Art Wolfe

Jeff & Art Wolfe

Jeff & Art Wolfe #2

Art is an amazing photographer based in Seattle, WA. He travels 9 months per year on photo expeditions around the world. Art is the host of OPB’s “Travels to the Edge” which documents his travels. He has taken an estimated 1 million photographs to date! Check out his web site or click the “blogroll” link to Art’s Blog page to the right –>

Here’s the link to Chris Ryan’s portraits of Art, click here.