Blazers – Game One!

28 10 2009

Wow, can’t believe the regular season is finally here! It was great to see all those familiar faces…and some new ones too. How long has it been, like 6 months since we played Houston in the playoffs? I heard the Canzano show on my way to the game that: “it seems like we’ve been playing Houston all summer”….for sure, LOL!

For me, tonight started like we left off back in April…CRAZY! My shot list was full for pre game so if you yelled at me on the concourse and I missed you or if I just gave a wave…sorry but I was runnin’ everywhere!

It is definitely nice to be back shootin’ the games…can’t wait to see how these guys play together and follow the team again. One down, 81 games plus playoffs remain….UPRISE part 2, bring it!

GO BLAZERS! Here’s a few from tonight!