Circles, Assignment 1

24 09 2010

This first week of class Justin & I have assigned the students to create a blog page. Along with that page they need 2 separate updates, both containing circles. We put no limits on the content, how many, etc…..we just want them to concentrate on photography and always be thinking photography. I posted my first few circles in the post: “Class is in Session“. Now here are 2 more images, one from today, one from a recent trip to California Adventure, both were taken with my Blackberry:

Circles on the Subaru Dash

Circles at California Adventure

Oregon Air Photo

23 09 2010

In July 2008 I was asked to go on an aerial photography mission to assist a fellow photographer friend, Bryan Heim, to get images from the air of some car dealerships. We had the plane and pilot booked for a 2 hour flight, had maps of all the dealerships in and around the Portland area, and in between locations we took as many aerial photos as possible. The flight was a total success!

Over the next year we developed the idea to offer aerial photography to clients and Oregon Air Photo was created. Still in the early stages of the business, we are working to expand our client base and designing a marketing campaign for the future. For now, we have a WEB SITE and most of the social networking sites up and running:

Follow OAP on TWITTER, @oregonairphoto.

Become a fan on our FACEBOOK page.

Check out our YouTube channel.

Here are a few of my favorite images taken from the air and a pic of the OAP crew:

OAP Photo Crew

Twin Oaks Airfield

Mt. Scott

Mud puddle in the grass

The Reserve Golf Course, Infrared

Hillsboro Stadium, Infrared

Kelso/Longview area, Infrared

Air Museum

Helvetia area

Over Portland looking south

NWAACC Volleyball Action

22 09 2010

I photographed some volleyball action at Mt Hood Community College this evening. Brenda’s cousin, Janelle, plays for Chemeketa Community College and they happened to be the visiting team at Mt. Hood.

For this setup I used my pair of dynalite sports lights and bounced the light off the gym ceiling, just as I do with basketball (see previous blog post: Basketball Season & Arena Lighting!). Now this was the first time for me using the lights specifically for volleyball so a little testing was in order but I got them dialed in just fine and took some great shots of Janelle!

Bell Blazers Classic

21 09 2010

Today I photographed the annual Bell-Blazers Golf Classic! The event takes place at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course in Aloha, Oregon, and is a benefit for the Oregon Partnership . Oregon Partnership, from their web site, is: “a statewide non-profit promoting healthy kids and communities through drug and alcohol awareness, drug prevention programs, and 24 hour crisis lines for treatment referrals and suicide intervention. We work with schools and community coalitions statewide, and our resource library is open to all to educate on the dangers of substance abuse.”

The event included Blazers Alumni as well as many of the Blazers corporate sponsors. Some of the Alumni included: Terry Porter, Buck Williams, Jerome Kersey, Michael Harper, Antonio Harvey, as well as our hall-of-fame announcer Bill Schonely. Some celebrity names included former KGW channel 8 anchor, Pete Schulberg, KGW channel 8 sports anchor, Adam Bjaranson, and Isaac & Big Suke from 1080 the Fan.

I arrived at the course at 930am to get set up and photograph candids of the registration and pre-golf events. The players all started golfing on what they call a “shotgun start” in which all groups of players tee off simultaneously from different holes. After the start at 11am, Carrie & I took a cart and searched out each group for team photos. Once all teams were photographed it was my job to print one 5×7 for each player. This year, there were 190 golfers playing in the same tournament which was a record number of tournament players for the course!

The day ended with a meet & greet with Blazer player Greg Oden, buffet dinner, and an awards program to announce the winning teams and raffle prizes. Here are a few images from today!

The Reserve

Bell Blazers Classic Banner

BlazerDancers Stephanie & Michelle with the Taco Bell SRT Challenger

A lot of golf carts!!!

BlazerDancers Caitlin & Camicha
Announcer Bill Schonely

Table of on-site prints

Mike Rice with BlazerDancers Vanessa & Lindsey

Class is in Session

20 09 2010

Today was the first day of my “official” teaching career. Just 3 weeks ago I was invited to teach the advanced lighting class to the 2nd year professional photography students at MHCC. I graduated from the same program back in 2002 so this means I have come full circle. Alongside Justin Myers, we plan to give the students a ton of info to get them a huge head start in their photography careers. The program will be a challenge for me and I will do my best to offer 110% to them. 

So, as I have mentioned in a previous blog post, Justin & I have challenged ourselves to create one blog post per day until classes end on December 6th. For the students, they are required just 2 posts per week. The idea behind this is to keep them thinking 100% photography at all times. We also gave them a “theme” for the photos they post to their blogs. This week’s theme: circles. I can’t wait to see the different interpretations each student comes up with! I too plan to take the “circle” theme challenge myself and I’ll be posting a few of my favs here on the blog, and on my facebook photography page

Here are a few images from my archives with the circle theme in mind:

Images for week 1: circle theme

Images for week 1: circle theme

Images for week 1: circle theme

Images for week 1: circle theme

Donna & Gabriel’s Wedding

19 09 2010

Well, all I can say about this one, and the word of the day was: “RAIN”!

It literally poured rain all day from the time I arrived at Abernethy Center, to the time I walked back in the door at home. Now I didn’t let it get me down. I knew it would be a challenge to basically take every photo under the main tent there, but I made it work.

First thing I did when I arrived at 3pm was to set up the 4-lights and get them dialed in. Everyone in the wedding party arrived at 4pm and we never looked back! I still cannot believe how smooth the day went, even with the steady flow of water from the heavens!

After the pre ceremony photos, the ceremony started just after 630pm. Of course, due to the down pour, the ceremony was moved under the tent. Cocktail hour followed the ceremony and we wrapped the family formals just in time for the plated dinner (and it was goooood, I might add).

For the reception, DJ Erich from Rose City DJ’s took over and worked his magic. The crowd was very involved in all reception events and they didn’t hesitate to fill the floor dancing!

We ended the night with a true Oregon, rainy send-off. The newlyweds exited in the “100 Stretch Excalibur” from Chariot Limousine.

Congrats guys, thanks for a fun day! Here’s a few images from the day:

Sep, 14, 2010 Sunset

17 09 2010

Ok, as promised, the blog-post-a-day challenge has begun! Justin, you in? LOL. I see many of you have checked out my last post, thanks for that, stay tuned for more, suggestions are always welcome!

Now for the image of the day.

Last week I shot a golf tournament with the Trail Blazers. Fun gig, we take a couple players around and get group photos with the golfers, then I hurry back to the clubhouse and print one photo for each player as a keepsake for them to take home….such a fun gig…thanks to everyone involved for making the day go smooth!

While there may be a great photo or two from that event, the image I selected actually was taken on the drive home….just couldnt pass up this shot, enjoy!

Pumpkin Ridge Sunset, Sep 14, 2010