Sep, 14, 2010 Sunset

17 09 2010

Ok, as promised, the blog-post-a-day challenge has begun! Justin, you in? LOL. I see many of you have checked out my last post, thanks for that, stay tuned for more, suggestions are always welcome!

Now for the image of the day.

Last week I shot a golf tournament with the Trail Blazers. Fun gig, we take a couple players around and get group photos with the golfers, then I hurry back to the clubhouse and print one photo for each player as a keepsake for them to take home….such a fun gig…thanks to everyone involved for making the day go smooth!

While there may be a great photo or two from that event, the image I selected actually was taken on the drive home….just couldnt pass up this shot, enjoy!

Pumpkin Ridge Sunset, Sep 14, 2010

Introducing: Photoshelter

19 12 2009

Wanna see more of Jeff’s photo’s? I am happy to indroduce my new stock image web site at! Rights-managed images are available for purchase and direct download through the site. I will be adding many more images as my archives are sorted but for now enjoy what I have on the site!

Click the photo for my Photoshelter site:

Hawthorne Bridge: A view from ground level