Circles, Assignment 1

24 09 2010

This first week of class Justin & I have assigned the students to create a blog page. Along with that page they need 2 separate updates, both containing circles. We put no limits on the content, how many, etc…..we just want them to concentrate on photography and always be thinking photography. I posted my first few circles in the post: “Class is in Session“. Now here are 2 more images, one from today, one from a recent trip to California Adventure, both were taken with my Blackberry:

Circles on the Subaru Dash

Circles at California Adventure

Wilsonville “Contenders”

15 12 2009

Back in November I did the team & individuals for the Wilsonville girls Varsity team. Just like the girls at Lakeridge, they too had a team theme….”Contenders”. Their idea was to have boxing incorporated into the team poster!

For the final poster image, I had a perfect idea, knew exactly what the team needed and how I wanted the final image to look. I wanted to use two images photoshopped together: a background image of a boxing gym with an image of the girls superimposed over it.

For the background image I wanted to  use a technique called “HDR” or “high dynamic range”. Basically, it’s a photoshop merging of 3 different image exposures. Luckily, my father-in-law is a boxing trainer for the #1 ranked female boxer in the nation, Molly McConnell, so first thing was to call Molly and set a date to shoot the images at the gym where Molly trains, Grand Ave. gym in NE Portland. The main image of the girls was taken on the day I shot the team & individuals at the school.

Here is the final composite image, the HDR background, and the main image of the girls as taken on team photo day:

Wilsonville Girls Varsity: "Contenders"

Grand Ave. gym, photoshop HDR

Wilsonville Girls Varsity 09

Lakeridge Girls Varsity: “Fast & Furious”

11 12 2009

Had another awesome team photo shoot last week. This shoot was for the Lakeridge Girls Varsity basketball team! This year their theme was “Fast & Furious”. Here’s a YouTube video and the final poster shot!:

HUGE thanks to Mike Reams for shooting the video for me!!!!!!

Lakeridge Girls Varsity "Fast & Furious"

Lakeridge Girls Varsity "Fast & Furious"

Mt. Hood Softball at Timberline

11 11 2009

For the past couple seasons I have taken the team and individual photos for the Mt. Hood softball team. The shoot has become know as the “fire shoot” where we light softballs and bats on fire. I look forward to that shoot the every year! ( click here for a video clip from the infamous fire shoot!!!!)

Since the team doesn’t actually play their first actual game until March 1st, 2010, coach Meadow called and wanted to have a fun Christmas photo taken. She wanted something different and a little more interesting. Her idea was a team photo up in the snow. We planned the shoot for November 10 up at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. Here’s a few from the shoot!:


Mt. Hood Softball 2009-10


Mt. Hood Softball 2009-10


Mt. Hood Softball 2009-10


Mt. Hood Softball 2009-10


Mt. Hood Softball 2009-10Mt. Hood Softball 2009-10

Mt. Hood Hoops Photo Shoot – Part 1

22 10 2009

Since I graduated college from Mt. Hood in 2001 I have always had an association with the Mens basketball team there at the college. The story goes, back in 2000, then Coach Neilson, recruited me from the photo program. I recall one day this guy showed up to the photo room looking for a sports photographer. Naturally, I was the “sports” guy in the photo program so I agreed to cover games, I was excited to shoot some basketball action! I was looking to get great images for Coach Rob as well as my portfolio for class. It also opened a door to having me share images with the college newspaper, The Advocate.

I think I shot 3000+ photos that year (film of course!). I would shoot the games on a wednesday night, then after the game at 11pm, drive down to Wy-East photo lab, downtown,  to drop off the film, then go home to sleep & drive back downtown at 8am the next morning to pick up the negatives, then drive back to the college in Gresham to edit the film. After I edited and chose the 2-3 images I wanted, I would scan the film, convert to black & white in Photoshop and send the files to the sports editor to make the afternoon deadline for the friday printing of the paper. I ended up winning first place for division 3 best sports photo , and honorable mention for best photography (keep in mind that I only shot sports for the paper so that was HUGE!).

So since I graduated the photo program, I always make it a point to shoot action at a game or 2. I love to follow the team and hope they have a good season to make it to the NWAACC Championship games in Tri-Cities……they always do!

Now on to this year’s photo shoot! Coach Rob has since stepped down from coaching and has passed the rains to his assistant coach Geoff Gibor. “Gib” has been with the team for as long as I can remember and I have always worked with him in the past. Now that he’s head coach he has been doing a great job of team promotion and getting the Mt. Hood name in the Community. That’s where the photo shoot comes in!

For the first part of the shoot we wanted the standard white background to easily cuy out the players from the background and use them in various web site and poster applications. Here’s a couple image examples and

click here for the part 1 video!

Before I forget, a HUGE “thanks” to Bryan Heim for shooting the video and assisting me on this shoot!

Mt. Hood Hoops Shoot – Part 2

22 10 2009

Now that you have seen the first part of the shoot with the white background, it’s time for part 2, dramatic action and the team portrait! (If you havent seen the part 1 video, click here).

Last season, 2008-09, the Portland Trail Blazers and Getty Images Photographer, Jonathan Ferrey, did a very cool portrait session for the team and I wanted something similar (for Blazers portrait examples visit the Getty web site, search for “blazers portrait” and click over to about page 8). He set two studio lights in the background and had a large softbox to light the front of the players. I took this idea and gave it my own spin. I used the same 2 lights in the background but I also wanted a good spot light on the floor to light the Mt. Hood logo and the player.

Now, once all the individual portraits were taken it was time for the team portraits. Coach Gib had the idea that he wanted the players walking through fog. I did my homework and after talking to Denis at Pacific Grip & Lighting he suggested dry ice and said it would stay low to the ground. We also opted to use a fog machine to haze the background air along with the dry ice for the ground effect. Gib & I were pumped, this would be waaaaay cool!

Here are a few action photos, a few setup photos, the awesome “fog” shot, and how Gib used them in this year’s posters! 

Also, click here for the part 2, behind the scenes video!