Blazers: Fan Fest

4 10 2010

This past friday, October 1st, was the 2010-2011 season kickoff event for the Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden. The Wells Fargo Fan Fest is an in-arena scrimmage/practise between the Blazer players, open to fans to give them a preview of the season. Rookies and veterans put on a great show, sign autographs, and meet and greet with the fans.

This will be my 10th season shooting sponsorship and promotion photography for the team and the job just keeps getting better and more exciting as the years go by. Here’s a recap of photos I took during the 2010 Fan Fest!

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 1

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 2

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 3

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 4

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 5

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 6

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 7

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 8

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 9

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 10

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 11

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 12

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 13

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 14

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 15

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 16

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 17

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 18

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 19

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 20

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 21

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 22

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 23

Jeff Hinds Photography -

Blazers Fan Fest 24

Inspiration: quads.

30 09 2010

When I need to clear my head for a weekend, i ride…..well, now before i sold my quad i did. Anywho, check out my “killer quad clips” of 07-08. LOL, I couldn’t resist. This will waste a couple minutes of your time. hehehehehehe

…and if that wasn’t enough drama… HERE for part 2 over on Vimeo….

Inspired by Rally!

29 09 2010

Now some of you know that I have been following rally and rallycross for almost 2 years now. It all started with an invite to shoot the Oregon Trail events at PIR in March of 2009 when I was fortunate to get to ride around the track with Rally driver, Pat Moro:

After my pre-stage ride with Pat, I returned the next day and went out on the course to shoot the first stages of the day. Here’s a video from my first shooting location:

The weekend ended and I shot some awesome images, including this one which hangs in my office as a 20×30:

Travis Pastrana, Oregon Trail Rally, 2009


That Christmas I was surprised, by Brenda, with a certificate to attend Paul Eklund’s Primitive Performance Rally School in Hillsboro, OR in March 2010. I attended the weekend school with my friend Kevin and of course shot pix and videos when I wasn’t in the car. Needless to say I was hooked!

Here’s a video of one of my practice runs during the school:

…and a couple photos of me driving and with the car:

So, after rally school in March 2010 I attended most of the local rally events and the Oregon Trail Rally. I’ve met a ton of awesome people and there are future plans for me to rally for many years to come (stay tuned for exciting news on that).

For now, here’s something that I shared a while back with a link on facebook. This video will surely get your blood pumping, and it’s a true taste of what stage rally is all about! Enjoy my rally Inspiration!

Firewood Circles

25 09 2010

Today was mainly a chill day and work-around-the-house day. With that, I cut some firewood for the fire pit and…viola….found some circles for the class assignment! Both images taken with my Blackberry…

Firewood Circles 1

Firewood Circles 2

Bell Blazers Classic

21 09 2010

Today I photographed the annual Bell-Blazers Golf Classic! The event takes place at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Course in Aloha, Oregon, and is a benefit for the Oregon Partnership . Oregon Partnership, from their web site, is: “a statewide non-profit promoting healthy kids and communities through drug and alcohol awareness, drug prevention programs, and 24 hour crisis lines for treatment referrals and suicide intervention. We work with schools and community coalitions statewide, and our resource library is open to all to educate on the dangers of substance abuse.”

The event included Blazers Alumni as well as many of the Blazers corporate sponsors. Some of the Alumni included: Terry Porter, Buck Williams, Jerome Kersey, Michael Harper, Antonio Harvey, as well as our hall-of-fame announcer Bill Schonely. Some celebrity names included former KGW channel 8 anchor, Pete Schulberg, KGW channel 8 sports anchor, Adam Bjaranson, and Isaac & Big Suke from 1080 the Fan.

I arrived at the course at 930am to get set up and photograph candids of the registration and pre-golf events. The players all started golfing on what they call a “shotgun start” in which all groups of players tee off simultaneously from different holes. After the start at 11am, Carrie & I took a cart and searched out each group for team photos. Once all teams were photographed it was my job to print one 5×7 for each player. This year, there were 190 golfers playing in the same tournament which was a record number of tournament players for the course!

The day ended with a meet & greet with Blazer player Greg Oden, buffet dinner, and an awards program to announce the winning teams and raffle prizes. Here are a few images from today!

The Reserve

Bell Blazers Classic Banner

BlazerDancers Stephanie & Michelle with the Taco Bell SRT Challenger

A lot of golf carts!!!

BlazerDancers Caitlin & Camicha
Announcer Bill Schonely

Table of on-site prints

Mike Rice with BlazerDancers Vanessa & Lindsey

Sep, 14, 2010 Sunset

17 09 2010

Ok, as promised, the blog-post-a-day challenge has begun! Justin, you in? LOL. I see many of you have checked out my last post, thanks for that, stay tuned for more, suggestions are always welcome!

Now for the image of the day.

Last week I shot a golf tournament with the Trail Blazers. Fun gig, we take a couple players around and get group photos with the golfers, then I hurry back to the clubhouse and print one photo for each player as a keepsake for them to take home….such a fun gig…thanks to everyone involved for making the day go smooth!

While there may be a great photo or two from that event, the image I selected actually was taken on the drive home….just couldnt pass up this shot, enjoy!

Pumpkin Ridge Sunset, Sep 14, 2010

Blog, I’ve missed you!

17 09 2010

Well, after a long time-off from Blog posting, it is now time to get back in the blog “game” and update you all with some new material! But before all that I have some great news to announce…..I have recently accepted a teaching position at Mt. Hood Community College in the Integrated Media Program! I will be teaching along side Justin Myers, teaching the Advanced Lighting course to the Professional Photography students! I am very excited to share my photo knowledge with them and look forward to the next couple months of intense photography classes and training.

Now, back-tracking and reviewing the past years-worth of missed blog opportunities is going to be tough, but basically I have been busy! Here’s a very long, run-on sentence worth of the past 7 months:

My last blog post left off with Sarah & Ryan’s wedding from the Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood. After that experience, in February, I went to ex Trail Blazer, Bill Walton’s, house in San Diego with Blazers, took the Primitive Performace rally driving school with Paul Eklund  , shot action photos at the NWAACC Basketball Championships in Tri Cities, WA., in March, and shot a wedding and went to the Seattle Supercross event in April. In May, I shot action photos and VIDEOS of the Oregon Trail Rally in Dufur, OR, shot action photos in Portland of the NWAACC Softball Championships , and shot more action photos of the NWAACC Baseball Championships in Longview, WA. Also in May I accepted the team photographer position with a local IBL basketball team, the Vancouver Volcanoes, and I photographed 6 home games through mid-June. June was a mix of graduation ceremonies, wedding meetings, etc, and the month ended with an Aerial photo mission over Portland with Oregon Air Photo, a new partnership formed with Bryan Heim Photography. July was the beginning of wedding season with 4 weddings: Rebecca & Frank, Austin & Stewart, Whitney & Jace, and Angela & Dan. August was another wedding month with 6 total: Amanda & Levi, Amy & Ben, Kelsey & Adam, Coutrney & Charlie, Kristen & Dustin, Engagements for Brenda’s cousin Michelle & Curt, and Jenny & TJ….CONGRATS TO ALL NEWLEYWEDS, and thanks so much for trusting me to cover your special day, WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!

I wont quite get into September yet in this post so stay tuned as I am going to challenge myself along with my new students to make a blog post, or simply a photo post every day til classes end on December 6th! That should make for some interesting content :>)

Ok, thanks for reading all this and please feel free to add comments and thoughts in the future on whatever ends up here! Cheers!